UP.GRADE 2016-2017UP.GRADE 2015-2016

+ Anaïs Plancoulaine
+ Artem Stretovich
+ Jana Pape
+ Louise Temmesfeld
+ Magda Nizel
+ Petra Lisson
+ Sahil Amin
+ Tobias Bach Hansen
+ Yoni Passy
+ Yves Roy Vallaster

+ Aldo Barba
+ Alex Beyer
+ Lucia Blanco
+ Alice Demasure
+ Edmond Laccon
+ Fran Sokolic
+ Julia Roestel
+ Kai Klassen
+ Koert van der Ploeg
+ Louly Seif


After graduating in Mathematics and Computing in Applied Sciences at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, Anaïs went on to study filmmaking at the International Institute of Image and Sound, majoring in Cinematography in 2008. Following her studies and love for visual storytelling in both moving and still images, she started to work as a post-production assistant on photographer and environmentalist Yann Arthus Bertrand’s video project 7 Billion Others before having the chance to intern as a multimedia editor at Magnum Photos’ digital studio, in New York City. Moving back to the UK where she grew up, Anaïs entered the buzzing world of post-production in Soho, where she worked as an edit assistant for a number of years before starting to freelance in both video editing and photography for visual artists and musicians in London and Paris. Moving into colour grading was only a natural extension to these various experiences. 


UP.GRADE has been for me a unique opportunity to concentrate my skills into learning and practising the craft of colour grading. After the course, I look forward to collaborating with filmmakers on documentaries, feature films and any inspiring visual art the future has to offer in this ever evolving field.”


Artem spent the first few years of his career as a cameraman and editor at several local studios in Ukraine. In 2011 he began working as an assistant colourist at Condor. From there he was employed in a number roles as a full-time specialist. Today, he has worked his way up in the industry to become a freelancer on international productions. Between 2015 and 2016, he attended a number of colourist workshops in Berlin, after which he decided to devote more time to specialised full-time education, in this case UP.GRADE.


“I believe that sound and colour share the same nature. When it comes to storytelling — they have the same purpose. With my passion for images and background in classical music, I am fascinated by the connections between the two. For me, the colour grading of an image is like the setting up and tuning of a musical instrument.”

UP.GRADE has given Artem a stronger understanding of the science and theory of colour. In his work he enjoys developing a common language with filmmakers in order to enrich the emotional impact of their respective films. After the programme concludes, his goal is to work as a film colourist in the European film industry.

Post UP.GRADE: Artem now works for The Post Republic in Berlin, Germany.


Jana's aim was always to be a director of photography. After art college she started training at a post-production company before working as a lighting electrician on sets and finally studying cinematography at the film university in Babelsberg. Her  early introduction to post-production as a AV-Media Designer trainee raised her awareness of how the pictures she took would be seen and processed throughout the whole production.


UP.GRADE has enabled her to gain the background knowledge needed to keep up-to-date with the ever advancing changes in technology and to be a competent collaborator when creating the best possible visuals. Whilst colour grading plays an integral part in modern cinematography, it is also a unique standalone profession. Being able to switch seats will make her a colourist that naturally understands a cinematographer’s visual approach but also a cinematographer that has a deep understanding on the possibilities and requirements of the post-production process. Jana intends to specialise in shooting movies that benefit from close cooperation with the post-production department whilst developing her craft as a colourist.

Her first movie as a colourist is a basketball documentary which premiered at the Filmfest Hamburg 2016.

Post UP.GRADE: Jana works in Berlin, Germany primarily as a colour conscious and workflow-aware cinematographer.


Louise found her way to colour grading during her Master studies in Audiovisual Postproduction in Barcelona. Prior to that she studied film criticism and worked in production, where she eventually discovered her ambitions lay in post-production. She then worked as an editor in Spain and Germany, during which she started as a colourist, gaining experience grading both feature length and short films, music videos and promotional videos. An increasing urge to deepen her knowledge and expand her skills in colour grading led her to UP.GRADE.

In her work as a colourist Louise takes inspiration from the many other arts that are part of her private life such as music, photography, painting and dance. During the UP.GRADE programme Louise's ambitions have been amplified, her knowledge and experience have grown greatly, her skills and senses sharpened - for the many more colourful days to come.

LinkedIn: Louise Temmesfeld

Post UP.GRADE: Louise now works as a colourist at Studio Hamburg in Germany.


Many paths in Magda's life have led her to colour grading and it has been an amazing experience: from painting in her childhood, to studying the History of Art at the University of Lodz, through to discovering the magic of the cinema image and then on to graduate from the Polish National Film School in Lodz.

Fascinated by the process of filmmaking, the communicative power of images has always been central to Magda’s outlook. Aside from her background in cinematography, she also has experience in editing, set design, VFX, TV production in addition to working as a freelance colourist for several years.

From the moment she decided to become a colourist she has been exploring the strengths and possibilities the role of colour plays in emotional storytelling.  For Magda, aesthetic considerations and having a passion for film are as important as pure technical proficiency. These qualities have enabled her to creatively cooperate with cinematographers and directors to diversify their visions.

The UP.GRADE course has given her a great opportunity to explore the technical and artistic aspects of colour grading and what it means to be a colourist. With this advanced knowledge she would like to deepen her experience in grading features films, documentaries and commercials within the European film industry.

Post UP.GRADE: Magda works across Europe as a freelance colourist based out of Warsaw, Poland.


Petra is a Berlin-based cinematographer. She studied cinematography at the Cuban film school EICTV and audiovisual media at the Media University Stuttgart, graduating from both with an arts and engineering degree respectively.

It was whilst working as a cinematographer alongside inspiring colourists such as Steffen Paul and Felix Hüsken that Petra began to connect her love of observing the interplay between light, shadow and colour palettes with the limitless creative potential at the heart of the colour grading process.

UP.GRADE has offered a unique opportunity for Petra to improve her technical skills and to learn from some of the greatest professionals in the world of digital colouring. Having now gained a deep awareness of the many technical requirements and limitations involved in the post-production process, she is now able to concentrate more on the creative aspects of colour grading. Exploring the narrative significance behind colours and contrasts during her collaboration with other creatives in both pre- and post-production has sharpened her awareness of the subjective nature of colour grading and the vital importance of good communication.

Post UP.GRADE: After a stint with ARRI working on shows such as Netflix's Dark and Babylon Berlin, Petra has since settled into a new job as a colourist at Rotor Film in Berlin, Germany.


All my life I knew that I wanted to be associated with the visual arts, having always been fascinated by films and cartoons. I graduated in Animation, specialising in Visual Effects and Compositing. Subsequently I started working as a VFX/Motion Graphics artist at a production house in Bombay, where I also got an opportunity to grade several TV shows. This experience lead me to fall in love with colour grading and my quest for more knowledge eventually led me to the UP.GRADE programme.

Completing UP.GRADE, I now look forward to working on some exciting content; mainly TV and online series, music videos, indie films and documentaries. After gaining some experience, I’d like to venture into feature films and hope to realize my dream of collaborating with filmmakers and musicians I admire.

Everything I’ve learned in the past 9 months has been inspiring and has given me a new outlook on colours and visuals. I feel that I've developed better overall sensibilities and now have a clearer sense of the artistic decisions to make when I evaluate an image. I loved the balance between both the technical and artistic aspects across the digital and analogue domains. All in all, an amazing journey and I’m glad to have been a part of it.

Post UP.GRADE: Sahil now works as a colourist for Vice Media in Mumbai, India. He also freelances.


I came across UP.GRADE after some intensive internet searching, driven by a desire to find new courses with which to develop my skills. My background lies in still photography and it was whilst attending a fine art photography school that I realised the aspect I enjoyed most was the digital post-production process. From this I discovered the closely related field of colour grading. Having then spent 5 years working in a post house as a junior VFX operator, I moved into the colourist department and after a number of very rewarding years in the role I decided in 2015 to stop the steady stream of work and strike out on my own as a freelance colourist.

After UP.GRADE I would like to set up my own boutique in Copenhagen. It is my hope that this will be a place where other people in the same business can meet to work together so we have the chance to make the best use of each other’s potential.

UP.GRADE has certainly helped me to gain a lot of practical and theoretical experience! Prior to the course I considered myself fairly knowledgeable in the field of colour grading but I quickly discovered that there are far more things to learn. Being part of UP.GRADE has been very rewarding and our future UP.GRADER network will be one of a kind!

Post UP.GRADE: Tobias works as a freelance colourist in Copenhagen, Denmark.


In 2010 I finished my photography studies and started working as a portrait photographer. I shot some fashion photography and participated in exhibitions both in physical galleries as well as online ones. I also had the beautiful opportunity to teach photography to students of all ages. Before joining UP.GRADE I had been working for six years as a fine art printer at a studio in Tel Aviv. During that time I also worked with video, both in production and post-production. It was then, after having taken some animation and compositing courses that I started getting more into colour grading.

I’m grateful to have been part of this program and to have access to this treasure trove of knowledge. Colour grading is a relatively new profession but I have the sense that all the teachers and speakers that shared their experiences with us, are not only at the forefront of it, but unanimously passionate about their work. It was also very inspiring to sit in a class with nine other people from many different places in the world and just learn, experience and grow together.

In my life after UP.GRADE I hope that, besides working as a colourist, I will continue to teach and spread the knowledge that I gained in these 9 months of focused and intense learning.

Post UP.GRADE: Yoni works as a freelance colourist in Israel.


Yves Roy is an Austrian cinematographer and digital colourist based in Switzerland. He has worked on documentaries and features films as well as commercials, short films and music videos in Asia and various countries in Europe.

He originally studied Art and Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Vorarlberg, focusing on moving images and visual storytelling. During his studies he fostered a growing interest in colour dramaturgy, focussing on the perception and psychology of colours – colour as an element of dramatic storytelling. Different intensities of light and colour can have such a tremendous emotional impact on the audience and as Yves is well aware, the most successful colour concepts are established well before the post-production process. The UP.GRADE programme greatly enriched his visual acuity whilst at the same time solidifying his technical abilities.

His goal now is to continuously improve his skills set – working in all stages of the moviemaking process. With his newly refined sensibility towards light and colour, he looks to support the narratives of his fellow filmmakers by contributing sophisticated colour concepts, ideally starting in pre-production.

Post UP.GRADE: Yves is now a freelance colourist based in Switzerland but working across Europe.


Aldo studied Computer Science in Quito, Ecuador. After graduating in 2000, he started working with digital video and moved to the field of interaction design from 2004 on. In 2012 he joined a post production company to provide mastering services for digital cinema. Aldo worked on most Ecuadorian film projects of the past three years and his work has screened at major film festivals like Berlinale and IDFA.

After finishing UP.GRADE Aldo intends to focus on colour science. The outstanding seminars and master classes on colour science that are part of the UP.GRADE curriculum made him realize that the aspects of colour he finds most challenging and interesting are those related to the scientific processes behind it. With digital colour processing, transformation and reproduction, there is a need for experts who develop tools and features for the colourists’ day-to-day work and design colour workflows ensuring predictable results throughout the post-production pipeline. Aldo is looking forward to further educate himself in this field and to assume the role and responsibilities of a colour scientist.

Post UP.GRADE: Aldo is now studying colour science as part of the COSI Erasmus+ Master's Degree in Europe.

Alex Beyer

Coming from the editing side, after having graduated from film school, Alex has gained a lot of experience in the field of post production. It was during this period that on several projects he came across colour grading, including dailies grading and eye matching on stereoscopic 3D films. In order to achieve the results he was aiming for with colour grading, he decided to deepen his knowledge of both, the various grading systems and the techniques of colour grading.

Throughout the UP.GRADE programme Alex learned the fundamentals of light and colour science as well as grading techniques to be now able to guide and help clients with reproducing the colour of their film and bringing to life the vision, imagination and emotion they had in mind for the narrative.

Besides film, he has a vivid interest in fine arts and photography and their aesthetic approach. He is always interested in finding out how the use of colour is creating a mood and feeling for a scene and how it is affecting the perception of their recipients. So learning about colour and vision will never come to an end, luckily.

Post UP.GRADE: Based in Leipzig Alex is now working wherever needed as freelance colourist and is equally at home grading on feature films, dailies – on set and near set - and shorts.

Lucía Blanco

Since 2003 Lucía has worked as a TV camera operator and non-linear editor for the news and different TV shows in two of the biggest TV stations in Spain (Antena 3TV and Telecinco), which had taught her early on to work independently and creatively, to familiarize herself quickly with new situations and to find solutions to overcome challenges. She received her post-production masters degree in 2007, including qualified knowledge of Quantel systems, and became a certified Mistika user in 2014. Besides being an experienced and technically well-versed professional working with images, Lucía has always felt drawn to its aesthetics and potential magic, developing an understanding as well as the skills to achieve this with the tools and techniques available.

UP.GRADE is a high quality course which presented itself as a great opportunity for her to learn from the best professionals in color grading and the many related fields. Her main goal is to work as a senior colourist grading feature films and music videos internationally.

Post UP.GRADE: Based in Madrid, Lucía works as a freelance colourist with Mistika, Baselight and Resolve.


Alice is a photographer and cinematographer from Belgium. She learned with analog film and has been assisting and operating the camera. She developed an interest in preserving film and color film restoration. As a colorist Alice is planning to start out with fiction and documentary short films.


Born in the UK but culturally agnostic, Edmond is a digital imaging artist with an extensive background in photography, fine arts and cinema history. Having previously worked as a documentarist and camera operator across a diverse range of European and African countries, he moved towards exploring the full potential of the colourist’s toolset, after observing the grading of a Swiss episode of the crime series Tatort in 2009.

Post UP.GRADE: After freelancing at various post-houses and acting as a mentor on UP.GRADE 2016, Edmond officially joined the UP.GRADE team in 2017.


Born in Croatia and living in Samobor, a small city near Zagreb, Fran has worked as a video editor for the last 15 years. In recent years, he has also been working more and more frequently as a freelance colourist. He has graded documentaries, music videos and commercials as well as two TV series and one feature film so far. These experiences together with the training and discourse in the UP.GRADE programme enable Fran to manage and solve various technical challenges in post-production while bringing along an understanding for the narrative and creative vision.

Post UP.GRADE: Fran is now a full-time colourist at Teleking, Ljubljana. He works on features films, shorts and commercials.


Julia Roestel studied Business Economics at the Free University Berlin and Film with a focus on Visual Storytelling at the Film and Television Academy in Prague. She worked as a project manager and analyst at corporations in Germany and worldwide. Since shifting her focus to film, she has worked not only creatively, assuming roles in cinematography, set design and as dramaturgic consultant, but also has gained knowledge of the technical side on set and during her internships at Panavision Camera and Panalux Lighting Rental.

Emotive colours and the atmosphere of light have always been a fascination for her which made the art and craft of grading films a natural choice. The UP.GRADE programme has been a unique opportunity to become a proficient and well-versed colourist. Julia enjoys the collaborative aspect of this profession, supporting the filmmakers’ vision,  whether it means emphasizing a message, gently brushing over the imagery, carving out the film's world or distorting and destroying to evoke emotions.  She would like to offer this together with her skills to filmmakers of short and feature films as well as commercials.

Post UP.GRADE: After a stint at Technicolor London as a DI/Grade Assistant on the HDR remastering of Technicolor's back catalogue. Since then Julia has worked as a freelance DIT on her first feature film and on episodes of the Danny Boyle-directed TV series Trust.


For over ten years Kai has been working in the film industry in various capacities which have shaped his career towards visual storytelling, image capture and transformation in their symbiotic relation. In 2001 Kai had started to work as a 2nd and 1st camera assistant at 'Action Concept Film- & Stuntproduktion GmbH' in Cologne, Germany. Since 2004 he has been working freelance as 1st camera assistant, focus puller as well as camera operator for several well-known film production companies in Germany. Early on, Kai started on his own to produce, direct, shoot, edit and grade projects such as trailers, image films and music videos for various artists.

To take part in the UP.GRADE programme was the best way to focus his intention of becoming a digital colourist. The programme not only provided him with sound knowledge of the extensive technical aspects of digital post-production but also of the artistic approaches in colour grading.

Post UP.GRADE: In 2016, after a short period of working freelance, Kai started to work as full-time colourist at Head Quarter a post-production company in Cologne working on various TV feature films and series as well as theatrical motion pictures.


Koert lives in the Netherlands‘ media village called Hilversum. Before UP.GRADE he was a colourist for Lukkien, a production company that does commercials for Phillips, Sissi, TomTom, Bavaria etc. He had finished film school two years ago and has been a freelance editor, producer and colourist ever since.

UP.GRADE brought me more than I could imagine. It showed me a new way of thinking about colour and images. It let me see how I can be of help to a story and how to enhance a visual story through technique and colours. After these nine months I would like to explore the possibilities of being a colourist on a full time basis. And also after 20 years of learning experience I believe it might be time to make a step to the other side, into the educational field.”

Post UP.GRADE: Koert returned to his native Holland to take up a position as a full-time colourist at Ambassadors, an Amsterdam-based visual effects company focused on advertising.

Louly Seif

Louly Seif is a freelance filmmaker & film editor born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1976. For 4 years she was running a post-production company in Cairo, where she edited a multitude of documentaries as well as independent films and video art projects. In 2011, she pursued a masters in Aural and Visual Culture at Goldsmiths College in London and with multiple interests in editing, analog filmmaking, grading and sound recording/design, Louly has enjoyed being a freelancer ever since. Colour grading has been one of her passions and it has been her wish to explore its possibilities. UP.GRADE was the perfect opportunity for that. It not only provided her with a solid foundation of colour grading knowledge and techniques but was also a fascinating archeological excavation of a fairly recent history, that of the digital image; a history still in the making.

Post UP.GRADE: Louly returned to Cairo to conduct colour grading workshops for filmmakers and artists as well as to continue freelancing and travelling around for films and other projects.